Walls and ceilings

Straight lines for two-tone walls (granular plaster)

Two-tone walls, usually with a horizontal divide between the top and the bottom part of the wall, are very trendy. Masking the different parts with painter's tape is quite easy on smooth substrates but more difficult on granular plaster.

Problem: The paint will seep under the painter's tape and leak into the voids of the textured wall as the tape cannot be pushed firmly enough onto the wall.

Solution - adhesive tape trick

Proceed as follows, if you wish to e.g. paint the bottom part of the wall in colour and the top part in white:

  • First paint the top part of the wall surface in white.
  • Allow the white coating to dry sufficiently and apply painter's tape to the bottom line of the coating - where the divide between the colours shall be made. Press the tape firmly onto the wall, possibly by means of a cloth.
  • Now use a smaller brush and apply the same white paint to the lower edge of the adhesive tape. The paint will seep under the tape to a minimum extent - in spite of firmly pressing the tape onto the wall - and will seal this side of the adhesive tape.
  • When applying the darker colour shade to the bottom part of the wall on top (after the white coating has dried), the darker paint will not leak under the painter's tape because the voids are already filled with white paint. This white paint which has seeped under the tape is not visible to the eye after removing the adhesive tape, and the result is a very clean, straight and unspoiled line between the white and the dark colour shade.