Walls and ceilings

What is the meaning of washable or scrub resistant as related to wall paints?

Washable or scrub resistant are established quality descriptions of water-thinnable surface coatings for walls and ceilings. They serve as one major selection criterion for the comparison of different products.

The European norm EN 13300 describes five resistance classes that assess the abrasion resistance of coatings exposed to repeated damp wiping.

Class 1 stands for the highest abrasion resistance and cleanability.The AURO Plantodecor® premium wall paint No. 524 complies with class 1 standards.

Surfaces that are subject to a high degree of tear and wear should be painted with a class 2 paint, surfaces subject to extreme load should be painted with a class 1 paint.

Older classifications followed the DIN norm 53778. What was "scrub resistant" after the old norm is now Class 2, and the old "wash resistant" classification is now class 3 according to EN 13300.

Paints with class 3 sufficiently meet the requirements for residential environments. The tried and tested AURO Wall paint no. 321 is ideally suited for class 3 applications.

Most cheap paints have load class 4 or 5. These are not suffiently cleanable and most often have to be removed before renovation.

In Europe it is usual to have the load class mentioned in the technical information part of the label.

Tip: In general, class 3 products like AURO Wall paint no. 321 are always a good choice for application on walls and ceilings.
Where a higher load class is required, the Plantodecor® Premium Wall paint no. 524 is the perfect product.