Ecolith - The professional system of the future

Interior wall paint and facade paint - mineral, flexible and highly loadable

Acrylic-free paints for interior surfaces and facades. With the Ecolith professional system, AURO combines quality and sustainability and shows groundbreaking mineral paints for facades and interior walls. The ecological paints for rooms and facades are unique on the market and enormously efficient. The graphene technology used is an outstanding feature. It gives the coatings significantly increased adhesion, resistance and flexibility. Especially the use of super-flat graphene nets with their special properties in combination with carefully selected raw materials enable an outstanding performance. Despite its high performance spectrum and thanks to its mineral character, Ecolith is completely free of microplastics.

The white Ecolith interior and exterior, as well as the 134 COLOURS FOR LIFE Ecolith shades are extremely economical, emission-free and highly permeable.

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Ecolith exterior
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Ecolith interior
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