AURO - The natural choice for daily life - page 13

The aim is to ameliorate existing product compositions
in order to advance their effectiveness and achieve eco-
logical advantages at the same time. New raw materials
can, for example, be considerably more effective. Conse-
quently, less of the material has to be used in the formu-
lation, for the benefit of the environment.
Of course, our customers can always count on the famil-
iar integral AURO transparency. We continue to fully
declare all ingredients of the product composition on the
product label and therefore let you have the proverbial look
over our shoulder.
Besides the aspects of a healthy indoor climate and a high
product quality, the research and development at AURO also
addresses the topics of sustainability and a consistently eco-
logical choice of raw materials.
A variety of natural raw materials determine the composition of AURO products.
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