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The yellowish ethereal oil with the distinctive fruity cit-
rus smell is the extract from the fruits of the lemon tree
citrus limonum
. The fruit belongs in the rue family and
grows on evergreen trees that are equipped with thorns
and can get up to six metres high. It is a very special fea-
ture that they can bloom the whole year through and bear
fruits at the same time. This allows for up to four harvests
a year. The big blossoms of the lemon tree are white, some-
times they have violet tips.
The oil is won by decating from the peel which imme-
diately brings forth the wonderful, typical smell of the
lemon. This scent is associated with cleanness, hygiene
and freshness. This is hardly surprising because the oil
indeed has good cleaning, antiseptical and antibacterial
p r ope r t i e s .
The ethereal scent is also
believed to
put people in an opti-
m i s t i c
mood, to sharpen the
spirit and activate
the intellect. The
fruity, fresh oil just adds
more activity and
liveliness to our
everyday life.
The most precious
lemon oil comes
from Sicily
because it has
more than 4 %
of the vital ingredient citral. For 1 litre ethereal oil, approx-
imately 3.000 lemons are needed. At AURO the genuine
ethereal oils of the lemon are used as aromatic substance.
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