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The jojoba plant is an evergreen, wild-growing bush that
reaches an age of several hundred years and originates
from the Sonoran Desert in Mexico’s Baja California
region. Its taproots are particularly bold and can penetrate
up to six metres deep into the ground. With this survival
strategy, the plant also ensures that the desert does not dry
out. Researchers benefit from these and other character-
istics by using jojoba in high-grade moisture regulating
products. The so-called jojoba „oil“ is actually not a plant
oil but a wax. However, it gets liquid at room
ature already.
The robust plant has a natural sun protec-
tion factor of 3 to 4 and is therefore often
used as base material for sun blockers.
Because of its positive properties, it is also
used in home-made cosmetics. It has a par-
ticularly high oxidation stability which
contributes to the stabilisation of oil
mixtures, it increases the elasticity of
the skin and protects it reliably and
long-lasting from losing moisture. It
has also to be highlighted that the jojoba
wax is a high-grade substitute for the sper-
ma c e t i
wax that was won from the sperm whale
in former
times, a practice that is prohibited now-
The oil is also used in Industrial appli-
cations, e.g.
as base material in lubricants for preci-
sion instru-
ments or as raw material in care waxes for furniture or car
polishes. At AURO, we also use the oil-like plant wax in
care and maintenance products.
There are male plants with yellow, flamboyant blossoms
and female plants with rather ordinary, white blossoms.
Within three to six months after the pollination by wind
or insects, capsule fruits have matured and open up. They
contain wrinkled, olive-shaped seeds that hold the pre-
cious wax.
Like hazelnuts, the jojoba seeds can be mixed into the
breakfast cereals or even be used to brew a substitute for
coffee. This culinary refinement can probably even sup-
port your diet.
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