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They are familiar to all of us, the camomile blossoms
with their yellow heads and white blossoms that seem to
give us a friendly smile while we walk by. Camomile blos-
soms contain ethereal oil and their ingredients have anti-in-
flammatory and anticonvulsant effects. The popular
household remedy settles the stomach and alleviates spas-
modic colics. The genuine camomile is an annual herba-
ceous plant that reaches a growth height of approximately
15 to 50 centimetres. All parts of the plant have the char-
acteristic camomile scent. The stems are upright and leaf-
less, their upper part is often highly branched. The genu-
ine camomile originates from the Middle East, South and
East Europe. Today it is found in all of Europe but is also
indigenous to North America and Australia. In natural sur-
roundings, the undemanding plant is to be found on fields
or by the wayside, on slopes and most of all on cornfields.
The false camomile has a very similar calyx and can there-
fore easily be confused with the genuine camomile. How-
ever, the false one has only very little ethereal oil and
therefore does not emit the typical scent. It also does not
have the healing power of the genuine camomile.
At AURO, we win the camomile extract by alcohol
extraction from camomile blossoms.
Did you know?
The Greek name of the camomile,
, means as much as „apple of the earth“. The rea-
son probably is that the leaves of the camomile have a light
apple-like scent. As one of the oldest medicinal plants it
was known in pre-Christian times already. It is mentioned
in numerous books on cures and medicinal substances.
Nordic peoples worshipped the camomile as a divine plant
because its blossoms were so similar to the sun.
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