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Why is it done this way?
The successive building up and degradation of nutrients
in the soil provides for a long-lasting high quality of the
soil. The change of field crop also minimises the infesta-
tion of seeds with weeds, as well as several plant diseases
and vermin.
What do you think is the decisive argument for a
sustainable agriculture?
In the long run, biological farming will be the main
method to feed mankind and, at the same time, maintain
our natural environmental conditions. To this purpose, it
will be imperative that we consume less meat and grow
less plants as energy sources.
Mr. Barnstorf-Brandes, thank you for this interview.
End of March through end of April
July or August
Blossom colour:
white and lilac
Area under cultivation:
3.5 hectares
3.5 - 5 tons
Above: Meeting before work starts
Right: Weeds are removed from the linseed field
with a tractable chipper
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