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More than 600 species are known, and with a height of
up to 70 metres the eucalyptus tree belongs to the highest
trees of the world. The biodiverse plant genus from the
myrtle family originates from Australia and Indonesia.
Nowadays, the eucalyptus tree is cultivated in
subtropical and Mediterranean areas. It grows
very fast and its roots grow deep into the ground
where they find even remotest water veins.
Since the 17
century, it was used in the
Mediterranean area to drain marshes
and thus dry out the most favourite
reproduction areas of the anopheles
mosquitoes that transmitted malaria.
This was also the reason why the tree
was called the „fever tree“. The Aus-
tralian aborigines considered the euca-
lyptus to be a kind of all-purpose rem-
For a long time already, euca-
lyptus has been used for the
disinfection of medical
equipment and for wound
treatment because of its anti-
septical properties. Nowa-
days, the
dried leaves of older eucalyp-
tus trees and
the ethereal oil of the fresh leaves and the tip of the
branches are used in medicinal products especially where
respiratory diseases are to be cured. The yellowish ethe-
real oil is mainly won by water vapour distillation. Depend-
ing on the species, the smell ranges from a light lemon and
camphor aroma to a fresh, keen or strong scent. The typ-
ical aromatic, ethereal oil is also set free when you just
rub an eucalyptus leave between two fingers.
At AURO, we use eucalyptus oil that is won from the
leaves of the eucalyptus tree by water vapour distillation.
The oil serves as a fragrance and has a slightly preserv-
ing effect. It originates from the subtropical areas of
China, mainly in the outer east or southeast regions where
temperature variations are very small.
By the way:
The koala bear is the only animal that
can tolerate the slightly toxic cyanhydric acid of
many eucalyptus species. However, the
extracted ethereal oil is not poisonous.
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