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Lemon grass is native to tropical regions, e.g. to India,
Africa, Indonesia or South America. Due to its intense
smell, lemon grass is one of the most popular fragrances.
Be it as a spice in the kitchen, as aromatic oil in perfumes
or cosmetics, or in medicinal compounds: the ethereal oil
has a fresh smell and a stimulating effect. The evergreen,
herbaceous plant belongs in the family of sweet grasses and
can reach a height of 50 cm to 2 m. Nowadays, it is grown
in bigger areas under cultivation in order to win and pro-
cess high amounts of ethereal oil. The light yellowish oil
is won by distillation of the leaves.
Because of its stimulating properties, the oil is often used
in refreshing bath supplements or in massage oils. A pos-
itive side effect is that it cleans and lifts the skin. The oil
cannot be used undiluted, however, because in its pure
form it might lead to skin irritation. The refreshing scent
is also believed to put people in an optimistic mood, to dis-
pel black thoughts and fretfulness and replace them with
At AURO, we use the lemon grass oil of the tropical
Andropogon flexuosus
that is native to East Inidia.
According to our product composition, the distillate is
added as last ingredient to give numerous AURO cleaners
their stimulating scent.
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