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Alcohol has its origin in a combination of sugar, yeast,
fungi and warmth. Like many other important discoveries,
the origination process of alcohol was found as a serendip-
ity. Alcohol develops in overripe fruits and alcoholic fer-
mentation takes place everywhere in nature where certain
conditions come together. The fermentation of sugars like
glucose, fructose or maltose to alcohol is triggered by
yeasts or fungi which are practically present everywhere
in the air. Fermentation can take place at different temper-
atures. The term alcohol supposedly stems from the Arab
word „al khol“ which means „something fine“. The first
consumption of alcohol reaches far back into the history of
mankind and often had religious or ritual functions.
Nomads produced alcohol from milk, Germanic peoples
made their mead from fermented honey whereas the
Romans fermented grapes to wine. In the 11
alchemists succeeded in producing alcohol by specific dis-
tillation for the first time. This process, the distillation of
fruit and crops with sugar and yeast, led to a stark increase
of alcohol consumption. Alcohol, also called ethanol or
ethyl alcohol, is nowadays produced from many different
substances in various production methods. It is used for
consumption but also for technical uses, e.g. as thinner or
additive in fuels.
AURO produces alcohol by fermentation and distillation
from starchy plants like potatoes. The alcohol is used as
thinner, e.g. in shellacs, and also as additive in cleaning,
care and maintenance products.
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