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With their wonderfully beautiful flower heads, sunflow-
ers are the typical summer flowers. Some species of this
annual plant reach a height of up to 5 metres and their
stems can have a diametre of up to 10 cm. The name of
the yellow plant refers to its ability to always turn its head
towards the sun, in the morning towards the east, in the
evening to the opposite direction, westward, day by day.
About 400 years ago, Spanish seafarers brought the plant
home from North America. It is very likely, however, that
the sunflower is much older because petrified seeds were
found that seem to indicate that sunflowers existed already
5.000 years ago. Back then, the versatile beauty served
people as food. Only about 150 years ago, it was discov-
ered that oil can be pressed from the kernels of the flower.
The oil is rich in lecithine and vitamins, it protects the
skin from environmental influences and even has a slightly
disinfecting effect. It is also used in medic-
inal oint-
ments and cremes. In the kitchen, the oil is
at its best. The substantial,
decated oil is used for baking,
frying and cooking.
The oil is pressed from the
sunflower kernels that are
first cleaned and, according to
the variety used, also peeled.
During the extraction process, the
temperature rises to 220 °C which gives
the oil a nice light yellow colour. It has a delicate
aroma that reminds of nuts and wood. For one litre of oil,
2.5 kg of sunflower kernels are needed.
At AURO, we use the light yellow, fatty oil from the
s e e d s
of sunflowers from certified organic
farming (cof). It is used in lac-
quers, paints and soaps.
Oils and fats
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