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tember through March, six to eight leaves are cut off the
palm and laid out to dry and shrink which loosens the wax
particles. Afterwards, the wax parts are knocked off or
removed with a machine. The presorting of the leaves
going by age predetermines the different colour grades of
the wax. The older the leaves, the darker is the wax that
is won from them. The leaves are either dried and knocked
off right at the place of harvest or they are dampened and
brought to a factory for processing. A carnauba palm pro-
duces only 150 to 180 g of wax per year which amounts
to 5 g wax yield from 100 g leave material. In Europe, the
wax gets cleaned and bleached in special procedures to
produce a carnauba wax free from dirt and water.
At AURO, we use the carnauba wax in cleaning, care
and maintenance products. Due to its particular hardness,
it lends much better mechanical resilience to softer waxes
and provides a beautiful lustre to furniture or floors.
By the way:
Carnauba palms are particularly resistant
against environmental influences. The leaves grow again
constantly so that a permanent winning of wax is ensured.
The palms do not suffer from the harvesting of the wax
which is why this is a really sustainable and ecologically
compatible production of raw material.
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