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„Everything is good as it comes
from the hands of nature.“
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832),
German classical poet, natural scientist and statesman.
Allow us to introduce the chemical factory called plant.
Cellulose is made from the stems, the leaves deliver col-
ourants, the leave surfaces exude waxes, fat and protein
are won from the fruits, and the blossoms hold fragrants
as well as resins. From these renewable sources, we
develop our special products. For thousands of years
already, natural cleaning and care substances like alcohol,
oils or vinegar have proved to be successful. The typical
basic household cleaners have been systematically further
developed by AURO experts and thus been turned into
high-grade cleaning, care and maintenance products that
are geared to the most diverse consumer needs. They are
also suited for sensitive people because they are free from
synthetic fragrances and irritants. Another asset is that all
AURO products can of course be reintegrated into the nat-
ural cycle of materials without hesitation.
Allow yourself to be tempted and follow the plants and
their stories. They give our products singular scents, a
mysterious lustre and a most pleasant touch. It is easy to
come clean with tried and tested substances like linseed
oil, beeswax or cembra oil.
We hope you will enjoy reading.
The AURO-Team
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