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Cleaning products have always constituted a particular
part of the AURO product range. Besides the development
of paints and varnishes, the cleaning products have always
played an important role in AURO’s R&D concept. The
same raw material philosophy that applies to our paint
products is also valid for the cleaners. We recognise that
consumers increasingly demand a high ecological quality
from the products they use in the household. Everyday
products are closely connected to the topics of health and
ecology nowadays and ecological products quit their niche
This clearly recognisable trend towards more „green“
products has also arrived at the conventional producers of
chemical products who add products to their portfolios
that are manufactured on the basis of natural raw materi-
als. For AURO this has the consequence that we can choose
from more raw materials for our own development of new
cleaning, care and maintenance products.
In our research and development department, we are
constantly searching for such new, innovative raw mate-
rials. These undergo extensive performance tests in our
Since 2011, Dr. Markus Lettau is the
Head of Research and Development
at AURO. Among other things, he
focusses on the development of new
biogenic binding agents and the re-
search on rawmaterial concepts that
can help to optimise and broaden
the AURO product portfolio.
Nothing ventured,
nothing gained
Countless laboratory tests and work-
ing hours are needed until the final
composition for an AURO product is
found. The raw materials have to be
tested on suitability and compatibil-
ity with our strict raw material philos-
ophy. A variety of criteria have to be
met in many tests and optimal tech-
nical characteristics must have been
achieved before an AURO product
enters the trade.
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