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There are many names for this tree species growing in
high mountain regions: Cembra pine, arolla pine, Swiss
pine, to name but a few. The tree belongs to the pine fam-
ily and is indigenous to the Alps and the Carpathians. The
evergreen trees can reach an age of 1.000 years and a
height of 25 metres. The needles always appear in clusters
of five on short sprouts. Notwithstanding their longevity,
they brave the often rough weather in the mountains which
led to the appreciative name „Queen of the Alps“.
Extraction of the excellent oil
The coniferous tree grows in sunny altitudes. Its very
slow growth provides for a sufficient production of essen-
tial ingredients. The precious oil is won from the hackled
parts of the tree by water vapour distillation, a technique
used for centuries already. Only the leftovers from timber
production, branches, needles, saw waste, are used for dis-
tillation. The residues from the distillation process are
used to heat the distillation oven so that the material cycle
is closed and a precious natural product is won without
any use of fossil fuels.
Use at AURO
At AURO we use the water-clear oil of the Cembra tree
with the strong but pleasant scent in our Cembra oil fur-
niture polish. It refines furniture with an intensive wax
care and, at the same time, is anti-static and repels insects.
The Cembra oil used at AURO stems from Cembra trees
grown in Carinthia, Austria. According to experts, this
region delivers the most pre-
cious Cembra oil worldwide.
By the way:
Cembra oil is
also used in scented sachets, as
remedy for colds and as mas-
sage oil.
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