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For 45 years now, the initiator of the „chemical turnaround", the chemist Dr. Hermann Fischer, has been dedicating himself to a critical engagement with his professional discipline. His theoretical approach as a researcher, chemistry historian, lecturer and book author is accompanied by the practical experience he gathered as the founder of a medium-sized company and commited environmentalist.
He is actively involved in a network of committed and critical personalities and institutions from the fields of chemistry, consumer protection, journalism, environmentalism and others, that has partly been existing for decades already.


The new platform for a future chemistry?

www.chemiewende.de: This is a new medium that deals with a real turnaround in chemistry, independent from outdated ideas prevailing in science and in the chemical industry. At the same time, this chemical turnaround shall be sounded out, challenged and promoted.

The upcoming transition in the field of chemistry, partly already in progress, forms part of a number of projects of social change, from new approaches in research to energy transformation, through to a cultural turnaround. The chemical turnaround will adopt ideas and stimulations from other equally important spheres of social change in order to incorporate the highest possible amount of input from all perspectives into its own concepts and projects.


The network "chemiewende.de" will monitor and advance the work for a chemical turnaround in varous ways. All people interested in a consistently environment-friendly chemistry in the post-fossil era are invited to collaborate.

The website „chemiewende.de" is meant to become a platform for ideas, concepts, projects and a lively, critical discourse on the chemistry of the future.

There will be room on the website for book reviews, raw material stories, analyses of products, press reviews, insightful quotations and a glossary for technical terms that will gradually be filled with content.


„Chemiewende" is not supposed to become an expert-only platform but will also be an important and independent source of information for interested consumers. It is likewise an attempt to take away the fear of getting involved with things associated with chemistry. After all, chemistry is so drastically meaningful in our everyday life that we shouldn't attribute the power of judgement to experts alone who often enough are stakeholders and therefore biased.

For this reason it is worth visiting the website regularly to search for interesting news.


On February 15, 2017, the publishing house Kunstmann in Munich published the book „Chemiewende - von der intelligenten Nutzung natürlicher Rohstoffe" („A chemical turnaround – about the intelligent use of natural raw materials").

The book presents the essence of twelve extensive dialogues on the chemistry of the future between the chemist Dr. Hermann Fischer and the lawyer Dr. Horst Appelhagen, conducted during the winter 2015-2016.

The dialogue partners come from very different areas of experience and look at things from different angles. This is the particular charm of the book that provides a vivid discussion on the necessity of change in chemistry, essential preconditions in science and society and the consequences for our eveyrday life.

The book has 142 pages and costs 14 EUR (E-book: 12,99 EUR)

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