Current trends - every season has its colours

Colours of the season - Easter
Naturally colourful!

Naturally colourful Easter eggs. The colouring substances in AURO’s Easter egg paints have been known for centuries and colour the eggs in the most natural way.

Colours of the season - spring
Springtime for your walls
Delicate pastel shades

Finally, the unpleasant winter comes to an end, the air gets warmer and the first flowers start to bloom. Let warmth and cheerfulness be your guests.

Colours of the season - spring
Spring awakening in the garden
Wood protection in many beautiful colours

AURO offers everything to make your garden look well. Be it wooden terraces, fences, summer houses or garden furniture, everything looks perfect with a fresh coat of natural paint.

Colours of the season - summer
Summer colours for your walls
All shades of sea blue

Bring an all-season fresh sea breeze to your home. The colours of sand and the manifold blue shades of water let us breathe and feel the vastness of the sea.

Colours of the season - summer
Summer colours for wood in the garden
A maritime look

In order to create a holiday feeling at home, a maritime feeling in red, white and blue can be created at home.
An upcycling project for your garden: A blue flower box, made from a Euro pallet.

Colours of the season - autumn
Indian Summer

The rustling of leaves, collecting mushrooms in the woods, a hot cacao – autumn has arrived. Conjure a feeling of cosy warmth into your home with our beautiful autumn colour tones of yellow and red.

Colours of the season - winter
It's getting cold!

Cool, restrained and elegant - this is what our favourite colours for the winter season are like. The earthy and cool blue shades lend calm and retsraint to your living areas.