Colours of the season

Easter - colouring eggs with natural dyes
AURO‘s colouring substances have been known for centuries

Happy Easter for the whole family! The colouring of Easter eggs is a great fun with AURO's Egg paints. The five dyes will produce enchantingly coloured eggs, as individual as nature itself.

For orange and yellow shades – norbixin
Norbixin is a natural colourant won from a brush called Achiote that is native to South America. The dye is won from the seed of the brush and is used in indigenous cultures as natural colouring substance and as bodypaint for natural sun protection and spiritual purposes. The substance is also used as a dye in the food industry and for the production of lipsticks. In Mexico, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, the seed of the Achiote brush is also used as spice and as colourant for rice.

For blue shades - indigotine (indigo carmine)
Indigo carmine is also used for the colouration of alcohol-free drinks, liquor, sweets, icecream, pasta or dragées.

For red shades - cochineal
Cochineal is a red colourant produced by scale insects who live on cactuses domiciled on the Canary Isles and in Mexico. It has a red to violet dyeing effect and is also used as food colouring.

For green shades - copper complexes of chlorophylls and chlorophyllins
Chlorophyllin is a water-soluble derivate of chlorophyll ('leaf', or 'leaf green' in classical Greek) that is used as additive or colouring substance in foodstuffs.

How to do it?

Dissolve the dye powder in 0,75 l of boiling water (A) and boil up to 6 eggs for 8 minutes (B). The dissolution of the powder in cold water can avoid the formation of foam.

If foam forms, it can easily be distributed by stirring the water.

The dye will be evenly distributed if the eggs are turned around several times during the boiling time (C).

To achieve deeper colour tones let the eggs boil for 10 minutes. Dip the eggs in cold water (D) and let them dry (E).

Best colouring results are achieved on white eggs.

A particularly appealing lustre can be achieved by polishing the dyed eggs with a bit of oil or butter (F).

AURO wishes everybody a Happy Easter!

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