Easter Egg Colours No. 500

For colouring Easter eggs on a purely natural basis. The colouring substances norbixin, indigotine (indigo carmine), cochineal and copper complexes of chlorophylls and chlorophyllins provide the five colour tones in the packet: orange, yellow, green, cochineal red and blue. The citric acid does not have its usual purpose as preservative. Here it cares for the optimal development of the blue colourant.
Seasonal product, available from January until Easter.

  • Natural, colourful fun for the whole family
  • Manufactured on a purely natural basis
  • Colourful results on white eggs


Bring 0,75 l water to the boil, stir in one of the pigments, add the clean white eggs and let boil for ca. 8 minutes. For a uniform colour tone, turn the eggs several times.


Paint and eggs are both natural products.Therefore individual painting results are to be expected. The green pigment can form a bit of foam while boiling that can be distributed in the water by stirring.

Full declaration

Wheat semolina, maltodextrin;
Dyestuffs: norbixin, indigotine (indigo carmine), cochineal, copper complexes of chlorophylls and chlorophyllins;
Acidulant: citric acid.

Information about our raw materials

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