Special primer No. 117

Special primer for types of wood and wooden materials rich in active substances. Prevents drying delays caused by tanning substances in the wood, breakthrough of discolouring ingredients in white coatings and efflorescence on salt- and pressure-impregnated wood. Recommended for use on Oak, Red Oak, Ash, Cherry, Chestnut, Nut, Larch, Bamboo, Framiré, Red Cedar, Red Meranti, Almendrillo (Cumaru), Jatoba (Paquio), OSB and Cork.

  • Especially for wood types rich in active substances
  • Binds dyestuffs and ingredients
  • Easy to use


Apply evenly and rework after 24 hours at the earliest.


The Special primer is absolutely essential as primer for AURO Aqua products on wood types rich in active substances.


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Full declaration

orange terpenes, linseed oil, colophony glycerol ester with organic acids, silica, swelling clays, drying agents (cobalt-free), sunflower oil, castor oil, hydrogenated castor oil, lecithin, alcohol

Information about our raw materials

Trading units
Coverage per sq.m
0,375 5
0,75 9
2,5 31
10 125

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