Variety of colours: COLOURS FOR LIFE

Woodstain in 65 shades

Our environmentally friendly and water-dilutable woodstain combines sustainability and colour variety with its unique technology.

The ready-to-use woodstain is solvent-free and water-dilutable. With a wide range of aesthetic shades, the woodstain can upgrade and protect wood in interior and exterior areas. The product represents healthy living indoors and durability outdoors.

Indoor health

Safe in the nursery? The woodstain fulfils the certification according to DIN EN 73, Part 3 "Safety for Toys" and DIN 53160 "Sweat and Saliva Resistance". This means that the woodstain is safe for children and can be used safely in nurseries.

Healthy indoor air? Feeling good within your own four walls is the top priority and is possible without any concerns thanks to the solvent-free formulation and natural selection of raw materials.

Durability for outdoor use

Transparent coating in the exterior? No problem today. With only 3 applications, our Woodstain No. 560-01 will protect the wooden elements in your garden. If it should be colourful after all, there is a large selection of shades to give your garden fence, garden furniture or even your entire garden house a fresh look. Protection against weathering and greying is complete with every shade.

Available in 65 shades

Our colour palette consists of 65 fantastic shades. The mineral pigments allow for a wide range of colours, from dark natural tones to eye-catching nuances, everything can be tinted. Our old Woodstain shades of Aqua Line No. 160 have also found a place in the new range and can be reworked with the new Woodstain No. 560 or 560-01.