Colour designer

Our Colour Designer is a simple and intuitive instrument which allows you to quickly and easily obtain your AURO dream colour shade.

Please note: The more than 700 machine-mixed colour tones of the COLOURS FOR LIFE Premium wall and ceiling paint are not included in the Colour Designer. These colours can be visualised in different living environments on the COLOURS FOR LIFE website.


 First select a living area, then choose the part to be decorated and choose the desired colour shade from the corresponding colour selection.

The AURO colour world offers you a great variety of products ranging from glazes, paints and varnishes for furniture and wooden surfaces and oils and waxes for floors to full-shade toners and tinting paints as well as lime tinting bases for colourful wall designs.


The Configuration Comparison allows you to compare up to four different ambiences with each other, and the useful print option allows you to generate a PDF file with all the selected product and colour combinations on completion of your personal configuration. This file also serves as your "shopping list" when you next visit your AURO dealer.

Start right now and you will be surprised at the many options!