The marble look

Color shade "Petrol"

Looks and feels like marble - this wall design technique brings a new noble look into your interiors.

Also needed:
  • Wall paint roll, trowel, sanding paper (150 grit)
  • Drilling machine with stiring fixture, empty bucket, water
Mixture for the color shade "Petrol"

1. application: A mixture of

  • 10 l Decorative clay plaster No. 311
  • 4,8 l Full-shade tinting color No. 330-50 (Ultramarine-Blue)
  • 2,6 l Wall paint No. 321
  • 2,6 l Full-shade tinting color No. 330-60 (Oxide-Green)

2. application: A mixture of

  • 1,26 l Wall paint No. 321
  • 0,48 l Full-shade tinting color No. 330-50 (Ultramarine-Blue)
  • 0,26 l Full-shade tinting color No. 330-60 (Oxide-Green)
  • 2 l Wallpaper paste No. 389 stired with water (1:40)
Marble look petrol - step 1

1st application

Apply the mixture of Decorative clay plaster and the Full-shade tinting color very profoundly with a roll or a smoothing trowel. Apply approx. 1-2 m² first (consumption approx. 750-1000 ml per m²).

Marble look petrol - step 2

Afterwards, smooth out the surface with a spatula or a plastic trowel. Do not only smoothen in one direction, but criss-cross the movements, leaving the tracks of the trowel's edges and some bulges visible. 

Marble look petrol - step 3

The egdes and bulges, very vivid when wet, will "fall" after drying (24-48 hours) and become less visible.

Slightly smooth the edges using  sanding paper (150 grit), but do not smooth them out completely.

Marble look petrol - step 4

2nd application:

Produce a mixture of the Full-shade tinting color and the Wallpaper paste; roll it on or spread it on with a trowel thinly (consumption approx. 100ml per m²). At first, apply only approx. 1 m².

Marble look petrol - step 5

Collect the applied paint swiftly with criss-crossing movements using a trowel. The background needs to show through again.

Marble look petrol - step 6

The elevated spots (egdes, bulges) will apear darker now. In the deeper areas, the lighter mixture of the 2nd application is visible. This contributes to the typical marble texture.

Color variations

The look can be achieved in many color variations:

Ask your professional AURO partner for a box containing 20 samples of original coatings in the current wall design styles.

The box contains 10 color variations of the marble look.