Paint a chair

Colour shade: 119 ice green

Painting a chair - what do you need to know? Which paint works best?

It is not difficult to paint a chair. No matter how old it is, a nice coat of paint makes it look like new again. With the COLOURS FOR LIFE paints, old furniture made of wood, wooden materials or metal can be turned into your favourite furnishing elements.

AURO's COLOURS FOR LIFE Satin paint fulfills the requirements of the so-called „toy norm" DIN EN 71-3 and the DIN 53160 which guarantees sweat and saliva resistance.

Ecological, solvent-free, water-based, very resistant and available in nearly 800 colour shades. Select your desired colour

Also needed:
  • brush
  • paint receptacle, stirring stick
  • sanding paper, hand brush

Most important are good working materials and a perfect preparation of the substrates.

Sand the wood finely, preferably by hand. Best use a sanding paper with a fine grain, e.g. P 220. Roughen the surface uniformly.

Test already existing paint coatings on compatibility, sand finely with a p 220 grain and just recoat the old paint coating.

Remove the coarse sanding dust with a hand brush, wipe off the rest with a damp cloth.

Stir up the Satin paint thoroughly with a stirring stick.

Colour shade: 119 ice green

Dip the brush into the paint can or, alternatively, pour the COLOURS FOR LIFE paint into a paint receptacle.

First paint the areas that are difficult to access with the water-based paint and afterwards paint the big surfaces.

Tip: Paint in thin layers to shorten the drying time and to avoid drip edges.

Apply with brush or roller crosswise and lengthwise to achieve a uniform appearance, i.e. first work lengthwise, then crosswise, then lengthwise again, without taking up new paint.

For a better painting result, the still wet surface should be equalised with a foam roller using the wet-in-wet technique until a perfectly smooth surface structure is achieved.
In this context, to „equalise" means to distribute the wet paint on the surface as evenly as possible.
This can also be done with a brush. In this case make sure to work in the direction of the wood grain.