Be creative with AURO

Wooden rack in the shabby chic

Shabby chic for the kitchen: A simple coating with a white wood stain upgrades a hoock rack. The stain does not cover the typical wood structure and creates a natural look.

The Aqua wood stain is solvent-free and has a very mild odour. It is available in many variuos color shades that can also be mixed with each other.

Also needed:
  • Hook rack made of wood
  • Brush, stirring bar

Stir well the wood stain in the can.

Afterwards, apply the wood stain evenly with a round brush.

A single application is enough. In this way, the wood texture still shows through.

Carefully paint around the hooks. Avoid paint drops and leaks, paint them over immediately while wet.

After drying, the coating will look gentler than while wet. Due to that, a nostalgic shabby-chic look can be created on every wood.