Sandstone look

Color shade "Tierra"

Go for the sandstone look to achieve naturally looking walls, great both for the landhouse style and for the shabby chic.

A mixture of a sand colored plaster and a coarse rendering creates a texture and brings a warm, cosy feeling into your home.

The mixture for the color shade "Tierra"

Mixture of

  • 10 l Decorative clay plaster No. 311
  • 10 kg Roll- and brush rendering (fine) No. 307
  • 4 l tinted wall paint in the color shade No. 258 (mixing proportions 5 l Wallpait No. 321, 0,5 l Full-shade tinting base No. 330-10 Ochre Yellow and 0,25 l Full-shade tinting base No. 330-82 Burned Umbra)

The photos of the "Step by step" intructions present the plaster in a lighter color shade "Straw" (color No. 10.2). The work steps are the same for all color shades.

The 1st and only coating

Produce a mixture of the Decorative clay plaster, the Full-shade tining color and the Roll and brush rendering. Apply the mixture profoundly with a roll, a brush or a smoothing trowel.

Apply approx. 1-2 m² first (consumption rate approx. 750-1000ml per m²).

Smooth the surface with a spatula or a plastic trowel. Do not only proceed in one direction, but criss-cross the movements and leave the tracks of the trowel's edge and some bulges visible.

Pat the trowel into the fresh material. Depending how the trowel is moved (e.g. slightly slanted) and how strongly you pat into the material, you will achieve a different pattern.

You can place the pats close to each other or leave some space in between, it is upd to your taste. This is how you creatively produce your own texture. Should the surface become too "lively", you can still smoothen it and start over again.

Gently smoothen the rough edges of the texture, so that some "notches" remain in the deeper areas. You can make the surface very smooth or only smooth a little, according to your personal preference.


Please note, that the material will "fall" a little during the drying so the texture will get more subtle afterwards.