The slate look

Color shade "Black Slate"

Noble grey - a powerfull, urban style: Create a wall in the "Black Slate" look.

A great way to accentuate exposed walls or pillars.

Also needed:
  • Wall paint roll, trowel, sanding paper 150 grit
  • Drilling machine with stirring fixture, empty bucket, water
Mixture for the color "Black Slate"

1st application: A mixture of

  • 10 l Decorative clay plaster No. 311
  • 5 l tinted Wall paint No. 99.6 (Mixing proportions: 5 l Wall paint No. 321 and 1,25 l Full-shade tinting base Black No. 330-99)

2nd application: A mixture of

  • 1 l tinted wall paint, color No. 99.6 (mixing proportions: 5 l Wall paint No. 321 and 1,25 l Full-shade inting color Black No. 330-99)
  • 1 l Full-shade tinting color Black No. 330-99
  • 1 l Wallpaper paste No. 389 stirred with water (1:40)
Slate look - step 1

1. application:

Apply the mixture of the Decorative clay plaster and the Full-shade tinting color very profoundly; use a roll or a smoothing trowel.

Apply approx. 1-2 m² first (consumption approx 750-1000 ml per m²).

Slate look - step 2

Afterwards, smooth out the surface with a spatula or a plastic trowel. Use a narrow edge of the trowel to draw slightly wavy, partly also deliberately broken lines.

Slate look - step 3

You might need to try first and if needed, hold the trowel slightly slanted. As the metarial dries slowly, the pattern can be smoothened out and tried again.

Slate look - step 4

Gently smooth out the edges and bulges if too sharp, until the desired structure is achieved.

The structure can be smoother or rougher, according to your personal taste.

Slate look - step 5

The edges have a "vivid" appeariance while wet. They will "fall" during the drying process (24-48 hours) and get less visible.

Slightly smoothen too sharp edges and too high areas with sanding paper (150 grit), but do not even them out completely.

Slate look - step 6

2. application:

Prepare the mixture of the Full-shade tinting color and the Wallpaper paste. Apply it thinly by a roll or a trowel (consumption approx. 100 ml per m²). Do not apply more than 1 m² first.

Slate look - step 7

Afterwards, swiftly take off the applied paint by means of a trowel; work with sharp moves towards the grain. Remove the excess material from the trowel. The dark tone of the 2nd application remains in the deeper areas.

Color variations

The look can be achieved in various colors:


Ask your professional AURO partner for a box containing 20 samples of original coatings in the current wall design styles.

The box contains 3 samples of the slate look in different colors.