Stucco Veneziano technique

Glassy walls in oriental look

We present you a wall design technique that allows you to create glassy walls with oriental charm: the Stucco Veneziano technique by use of AURO High-grade lime filler and Lime tinting base.

Also needed
  • Water, measuring cup, stirring fixture, drilling machine, empty bucket
  • Square trowel, Venetian trowel
  • Cotton cloth

A measuring cup is the the best tool to prepare the desired amount of the filling powder.

Mix the High-grade wall filler with water according to the instructions on the label. Use the stirring fixture of your drilling machine.

Make sure the powder dissolves well.

Add the Lime tinting base into the mixture. Use the amount that is required to achieve your desired colour shade.

Mix the Tinting base thoroughly until a homogeneous, coloured filling material is achieved.

Use a square trowel to take some material from the bucket and spread it onto a Venetian trowel.

Apply the coloured material on the wall with crossing movements. Procede piece by piece pressing the trowel well against the wall. The pressure is needed to solidify the surface.

Work with swinging movements, until a silky gloss is achieved. The optimal thickness of a layer is max. 1 mm. You can see this working step precisely in our instruction video.

Leave the wall to dry for 12 hours.

In order to receive more gloss and protection, polish the transparent Wall glaze wax into the surface; use a cotton cloth.

You have created a silky smooth, glossy surface with a wonderful surface feel.