AURO is the first paint manufacturer who managed to develop an automatic tinting system for wall paints that works with consistently ecological pigment pastes.
New pigments from mineral origin allow for stronger and more colourful shades that could not be achieved within our range of pigments until now.

A wide range of colours for every taste

Strong shades of violet, blue or turquoise, as well as vibrant red and yellow tones have now been added to the colour palette.

Only for the red colour range we have not yet found a pigment that goes along with our strict raw materials philosophy, therefore we have to stick to the well-known English red and Persian red pigments for the red colour tones.

All mixtures can easily be done with AURO's new automatic tinting system. Ask your local AURO distributor if he can mix the colour tones on his own machinery or first has to order your desired colour tone from us.

Consistenly ecological

The special thing about the COLOURS FOR LIFE paint is that it is an emission-free and ecological wall paint that is tinted with consistently ecological pigment pastes. As a consequence, AURO follows up its established and unique raw materials philosophy of AURO with this new product line.

The combination of the self-developed biogeneous binding agent Replebin® with its origin in plant starch and the new mineral pigments provides for stronger and more colourful shades, without having to use synthetic pigments.

Choice of colour

You can select your desired colour tone on our website and order it from your local AURO distributor. If your local AURO partner has a colour tone fan available you can also choose your colour shade from the colour fan.

The colour tones of the COLOURS FOR LIFE Premium wall paint no. 555 have been classified into five price groups that account for the needed pigment pastes and the colour intensity.


The colour tone fan

The fan is divided into three chapters with a total number of 790 colour shades displayed:

The first chapter shows the new trendy colours, 86 new colour families with one base colour and 5 gradations each, plus 32 very light, creamy off-whites.

The second chapter shows the 160 well-known shades from the colour tone books for Wall paint no. 321 with the 330 tints. These shades are reproduced here with the new COLOURS FOR LIFE Premium wall paint no. 555.

The third chapter shows the 80 shades known from the colour tone book for Lime paint no. 344 and Lime tinting base no. 350. Again, these shades are reproduced here with the new COLOURS FOR LIFE Premium wall paint no. 555.