Plant hard wax No. 971

Dirt-repellent balsam made of beeswax and vegetable wax for wooden furniture and floors, linoleum, cork and unglazed clay tiles. Long-lasting refinement and protection. Apply with a rag ball or by hot spraying. Polish in still soft state to obtain a satin mat finish. Protects surfaces exposed to normal wear for 2-4 years.

  • Suitable for cork
  • Also suited for floors
  • For highly stressed furniture


Apply the hard wax evenly and in a thin layer by pad or cloth on surfaces treated with AURO Classic or PurSolid hard oils. Polish off the wax in still soft state.


For a satin-mat surface, polish the wax within four to six hours. Polishing within 6 to 22 hours produces a satin gloss surface.

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linseed oil, orange oil, balsamic turpentine, carnauba wax, beeswax, drying agents (cobalt-free)

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0,40 20

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