Woodstain No. 560

Variety of colours: COLOURS FOR LIFE

The Woodstain in 65 shades for interior and exterior use.

The technical quality combined with the aesthetic component result in the unique product COLOURS FOR LIFE Woodstain No. 560.

The excellent technical properties fulfil the standards according to DIN EN 71, part 3 "Safety of toys" as well as DIN 53160 "sweat and saliva resistance".

Both variants, coloured and transparent, can be used in interior and exterior areas. With only 2* applications, the Woodstain is protecting against exterior elements in each colour shade. The colours range from deep browns to eye-catching vivid shades.

You can select your desired shade here on this page and then order it from your importer which is offering the tinting service.

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Product site COLOURS FOR LIFE Woodstain, coloured No. 560 und COLOURS FOR LIFE Woodstain, transparent No. 560-01

> Notes on the colour display on the monitor

*In the case of the transparent version, it is recommended to apply it 3 times in the exterior area.