Coating and glazing tips

General tips and tricks

Edges and corners should be painted with round paint brushes, large surfaces with a paint roller. When painting edges and corners, make sure that the paint has not yet dried before you begin to work on the large surfaces.

To avoid overlaps, first apply one coat of paint horizontally by roller and then apply another coat vertically by roller working section by section.

Always stir the products well with a ...
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How to clean tools...

When working with PurSolid and Classic products we recommend to clean tools with AURO Orange oil no. 191.
We recommend to wash tools to be used for the application of Aqua products with AURO Plant soap no. 411 and water.

How to clean stained and painted surfaces…

We recommend AURO Paint and stain cleaner no. 435 for cleaning stained and painted surfaces.

This product is a concentrate and must be diluted before use.
Dissolve the cleaner in warm water and clean the surface with a soft, lint-free cloth. Rinse with clear water.

slight soiling: 1 teaspoon for 5 l water
stubborn soiling: 1 tablespoon for 5 l water