Coating and glazing

General tips and tricks

Edges and corners should be painted with round paint brushes, large surfaces with a paint roller. When painting edges and corners, make sure that the paint has not yet dried before you begin to work on the large surfaces.

To avoid overlaps, first apply one coat of paint horizontally by roller and then apply another coat vertically by roller working section by section.

Always stir the products well with a stirring paddle before use.
Only dab the bottom half of the paint brush into the paint to avoid dripping.

Weathered wood can be touched up in two steps (graining technique): The wood is first brightened with protective AURO Gloss paint and then stained in colour with AURO Aqua Wood stain.

Do not apply too much gloss paint. First paint the edges and then the surfaces. You can create artistic colour changes and textural effects using a brush or a filler knife.

Three coats of wood stain must be applied outdoors to ensure sufficient protection from water, soiling and UV radiation. All wood rich in wood substances must be pretreated with AURO Special primer.

AURO Wood wax protects all stained surfaces indoors efficiently from soiling. The wax is applied to the stained surfaces with a bale of cloth and then polished.

Used rags are prone to self ignition due to their content of drying oils and must be spread out to dry individually or be stored in a firmly closed tin container.