Skim coating No. 339

This highly breathable smoothing compound is the ideal preparation for indoor wall surfaces that show small irregularities or have the joints between plasterboards bridged by reinforcing or fabric tapes. The ready-to-use skim coating can be applied to the wall right out of the bucket with a trowel, a wall paint roller or spraying equipment and then be smoothened.

After one or more (as required) applications and fine sanding, a cream white and ultra-smooth surface with high adhesiveness is achieved. Even thicker layers of the compound provide a crack-free surface after drying. In wet state, the surface can be smoothened with a felt wheel or pad, in dry state it is readily sandable. Cracks and holes have to be filled with Wall filler no. 329 first.

The product can be applied to all common types of indoor wall surfaces, e.g. plaster, clay, concrete, silicate plaster, lime sandstone, gypsum plasterboards or glassfibre wallpaper. The surface can subsequently be coated with all AURO wall paint products.

The Skim coating is free from preservatives and solvents, it is emission-free and flame resistant.

The biogenic binding agent REPLEBIN®* guarantees freedom from emissions and professional product features, e.g. better substrate compatibility and adhesion. The product has a better adhesion and substrate compatibility, it contains no oil, does not yellow and emits little odour during the drying process.

*Replebin® is a legally protected development, a result of AURO’s own research.

  • Swift and simple application
  • Easy surface smoothening
  • Easy to sand

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The product can be coloured with a maximum of 5% of Tinting paint no. 330. Edge protection profiles or reinforcements can be incorporated in the skim coating.

After 12 to 48 hours, depending on building moisture and layer thickness, the skim coating can be overcoated. Visible or tangible burrs have to be sanded even before the wall paint is applied.


The Skim coating can produce very smooth surfaces that achieve the highest possible standards Q3 and Q4 on the scale defined by the Eurogypsum, the Association of the European Gypsum Industry. The compound can be smoothed down to a "feather-edge" and is the ideal preparation for wallpapering or coating in old buildings and new constructions.

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mineral fillers, water, REPLEBIN®, potassium silicate, cellulose, silica, surfactants made of rapeseed-, castor oil

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Trading units
Coverage per sq.m
10 up to 10 m² at 1 mm layer thickness

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  • Quickly overcoatable
  • Easy to use

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