Colour wash plant glazes No. 360

Produces walls which entice your senses: glazes made of purely vegetable pigments. Dilute with water depending on the desired colour intensity and apply with glaze a brush ("eight curve figures") or dab on the white walls with a sponge. Apply several delicate colour coats on top of each other (allow each coat to dry) to create "lively" walls which differ immensely from one-dimensional walls painted in one colour. If diluted over 1:3 with water, we recommend to add AURO Colour wash binder No. 379.

  • Easy to use
  • For rooms with Mediterranean atmosphere
  • High yield


The glaze is applied to a white surface, e.g. AURO wall paints no. 321, 524 or plasters no. 307, 311. Stir well and water down to the desired colour intensity. Mixing ratios higher than 1:3 require the addition of Colour wash binder no. 379.


The glaze can be applied with a brush, a sponge or with airless spraying equipment. The application of several glaze layers, one on top of the other, creates individual and vibrantly designed surfaces.

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water, alcohol, walnut oil, shellac*, plant colour pigments (aqueously attacked), xanthane, rosemary oil, *as ammonia soap, lavender oil, potash

Information about our raw materials

Billerbek, Germany
Private home
Saarbruecken, Germany
Hospital "Sonnenberg"
Saarbruecken/ Illingen, Germany
Wall designs in private homes
Baden-Baden, Germany
Theodor Heuss school
Grabenstaett (Chiemgau), Germany
Chiemgau Festival
Schwaebisch-Gmuend, Germany
Weleda AG
Trading units
Coverage per sq.m
0,375 see Techn. Data Sheet
0,75 see Techn. Data Sheet

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  • For rooms with Mediterranean atmosphere
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  • Easy to use

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  • For rooms with Mediterranean atmosphere
  • Yielding

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