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extended to a thin layer. After drying, this layer breaks
which produces the so-called leaf shellac.
There is the dark red garnet shellac, the yellow lemon
shellac and many more varieties. The one best suited for
the paint and lacquer industry is the clear shellac. The
excretions of 300.000 lac insects are needed to win one
kilogram of shellac.
At AURO, shellac is mostly used as an elastic binding
agent for quick-drying lacquers and in cleaning, care and
maintenance products. Shellac as a raw material consider-
ably ameliorates the degree of gloss and the surface hard-
ness of wooden floors and furniture. Moreover, the hard
resin supports good film formation and is highly UV-
resistant. Shellac is the sustainable and biodegradable alter-
native to the ecologically harmful petrochemical paints that
are often used for application on wood.
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