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We visit the organic farm of Bernd Barnstorf-Brandes in the monastery complex Dibbesdorf near
Braunschweig. Besides ecological and species-appropriate husbandry of chicken and Highland cat-
tle, the organic farming of potatoes, crops, legumes, buckwheat and linseed forms part of his work.
Moreover, the self-produced foodstuff is sold in his own farmshop. We talked with the organic farmer
about the characteristics of his profession and the farming of linseed.
What are the advantages of your profession?
The work is versatile, you are working outside a lot, and
there is a big variety of things to do. I love the work with
animals and the field work, there is always so much to do
that it never gets boring. What I like in particular is the
dependency on the weather and the four seasons.
Which characteristics are prerequesite and what
does a normal workday look like?
A good professional education is important, e.g. an
apprenticeship or studies. Moreover, a good deal of moti-
vation and endurance is necessary. Without „punch“ it will
not work. Everyday work is versatile and cannot always
Organic farm in the monastery complex Dibbesdorf.
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