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sweat out the wax in thin platelets with a weight of approx-
imately 0,8 miligram. This means that 1.25 million of these
platelets are needed to produce one kilogram beeswax.
Before the wax reaches the trade, it is cleaned and bleached
to a white wax.
AURO beeswax is a pure, unbleached, smooth wax from
best provenances, with controlled low residue level. It is
used in AURO’s cleaning, care and maintenance products
in the form of mildly saponified beeswax soap. This soap
has only weak surfactant characteristics but is a good
emulgator that helps to keep the ingredients of a product
in a stable emulsion. Moreover, the thin beeswax film that
forms after application and partial re-neutralisation has an
antistatic effect on the surface to be maintained.
The beekeeper examines the beehives once a week.
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