Walls and ceilings

Tips for substrate preparation for lime-based products

Lime-based products are especially suitable for mineral substrates such as lime or lime-cement plaster. These types of plaster do not require any special pretreatment. They can be directly overcoated with all AURO lime products as these bond well with the substrates made from the same type of material.

However, substrates consisting of gypsum plasterboard, gypsum fibreboard and gypsum plaster, which are very common these days, are also suitable for wall designs with lime-based products. For optimum results, it is recommended to apply cellulose fleece, e.g. ERFURT Variovlies ECO 150 wall covering, to the substrates. The fleece also prevents crack formation in the substrate, especially when dealing with dry wall construction boards.

Glue the fleece to the substrate with AURO Wall covering adhesive No. 391.
Please note: New, untreated gypsum plaster must first be pretreated with AURO Plaster primer no. 301. Gypsum plasterboard and gypsum fibreboard does not require any pretreatment. Embed the fleece into the freshly applied adhesive and firmly press it onto the substrate by means of a plastic filler knife or a rubber roller for wallpaper.

On large surfaces, ensure that the individual lengths of material do not butt at the edges but overlap by approx. 2 cm. Then use a cutter knife to make a so-called double cut - through the overlap - and remove the fleece residues or fleece strips. Firmly press down the seam area again or apply another layer of paste. This ensures that the individual lengths of material sit perfectly next to each other.
The fleece must be fully dry before overcoating. The drying time amounts to approx. 24 hours depending on the thickness of the adhesive layer, the ambient temperature, etc.
The prepared substrate can be overcoated with all AURO lime-based products.
When applying products such as High-grade lime paint no. 344, High-grade lime plaster, fine, no. 345, or Lime tinting base no. 350 by brush or roller it is recommended to dilute the first coating due to the high absorptive power of the fleece. Add approx. 10-20 % water. Products such as High-grade trowel lime plaster no. 347 or High-grade lime filler no. 342 applied by spatula can be directly applied to the fleece.