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Premium protection: painted surfaces
The classical coating on doors and furniture is a decorative
lacquer paint. AURO offers high-grade products that do not
make painted surfaces look like plastics. The wood is not
sealed airtight but stays breathable. The
AURO Paints,
glossy and satin, Aqua* (250/260)
are water-thinnable and
solvent-free, very economical and can be applied easily
with brush or roller.
Wood and metal – interior, exterior
There are many fields of application in exterior areas for the
gloss paint. Carports, summer houses or benches shine in a
variety of colour shades and brave the elements. Things made
of metal can also be painted with the glossy
AURO Gloss Paint
. A new coat of paint lets your chairs, fences and railings
look like new again.
· For wood and metal
· Mild smell, quick drying
· Water-thinnable, solvent-free
Paints, glossy and satin,
Aqua* (250/260)
* tested according to DIN EN 71 pt. 3 - safety of toys.
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