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Rosemary cares for the the cupboard
For oiled furniture, the
AURO Intensive furniture care (662)
well-suited. The polish contains wax and has a colour-inten-
sifying and antistatic effect. Natural caring substances like
rosemary oil or beeswax bring back the high-gloss and thus
refine your precious furniture surfaces. The tin can allows for
easy dosing and optimal recapping for future use.
· Mild smell
· Solvent-free
· For all wood types
furniture care (662)
One for all
From time to time, floors need a little attention and care. For
this purpose, we have developped the practical all-in-one
AURO Wooden floors cleaning and care (661)
. This oil with
a slightly rewaxing effect is suited for the thorough cleaning
and mild care of all oiled, waxed or painted floors - powerful
against dirt but wood-protecting. Even cotto or laminate floors
can be treated or refurbished with this product.
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