AURO Healthy homes for the future - page 22

· Antistatic
· Economical concentrate
· Cleans, cares and protects
Floor care emulsion (431)
World novelty
Clean & Care Wax – moist floor cloths (680)
for easy and hygienic cleaning of wood, cork
and laminate surfaces, as well as oiled or
waxed wooden floors and furniture. The cloths fit on all standard
mop types and consist of
100% compostable
natural fleece.
A fresh scent in every room
The classic product among our cleaners is the
AURO Floor care
emulsion (431)
. This is the universal, mild care product for all
floors treated with oils and waxes. The economical concen-
trate cleans, cares and maintains at the same time. In regular
intervals, it is added to the warm floor-cleaning water. A mild
and fresh scent animates the rooms pleasantly.
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