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Surface protection – natural and reliable
One of the most popular floor treatments is the oiling of
wooden floorboards or parquet. It gives the floor an open-
porous, dirt-repelling surface and, at the same time, an
appealing look. The AURO PurSolid products provide for a
slightly „fired“ colour tone, get along without any solvents
and are very economical in use. Due to the natural raw
materials they are made of these products have a pleasantly
mild smell.
As ingenious as simple
With the
AURO PurSolid Hard oil (123)
, applied on untreated
wood, durable low-maintenance surfaces can be achieved.
The honey-coloured touch the wood gets completes the
aesthetic pleasure. The oil has a very good long-term
endurance and is also well-suited for cork flooring and
highly loaded wood surfaces.
· For all wood types
· Very durable
· Simple application
PurSolid Hard oil (123)
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