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The joys of baking cakes or bread…
…last as long as they are replaced by the necessity to clean up
the mess that is left behind in the kitchen after a cooking or
baking session. The
AURO Oven cleaner (660)
can help to
make this task a lot easier. It removes effectfully even the
most powerful deposits and burnt-in residues from ovens,
grill trays and cooking surfaces. Moreover, it exhales a
pleasantly fresh citrus fragrance.
A dream kitchen: a once-in-a-lifetime purchase
Kitchen worktops and solid wood front panels have to be
robust and able to endure a lot of tear and wear. To this
purpose, good care is necessary. The solvent-free
Worktop oil (108)
protects from dirt and invasive water in a
natural way. It brings out the
wood grain and creates
breathable surfaces for a
healthy living environment.
The oil has a priming effect
on the surface and is very
durable. It lets your dream
kitchen look beautiful and
precious even after many
years of use.
· Jet spray device
· Safe for food
· Powerful cleaning
Oven cleaner (660)
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