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For light-coloured floors in Scandinavian style, we recommend
our slightly white-pigmented lye for new, sanded solid wood
indoors. The lye is used before a wood soap is applied. It
produces open-porous surfaces that look very light and
natural. Due to the different characteristics of coniferous and
deciduous wood, we offer two types of lye,
AURO Softwood
lye (401)
AURO Hardwood lye (402)
Wood soap
AURO Wood soap (403)
is a plant soap concentrate for
application on untreated interior solid wood floors or on
floors pre-treated with one of the AURO lyes for hardwood
or softwood. It can be used for the cleaning and care of
soap-treated surfaces. It is suited for all types of wood.
Should an even lighter look
of the floor be required, the
AURO Wood soap, white
can be used. The lyes
and soaps are produced
from organic and mineral
materials. They can easily
be applied by brush, roller
or mop.
· Ready to use
· Light pigmentation
· Maintains light wood tones
Softwood lye (401),
Hardwood lye (402)
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