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More spare time with AURO
As diverse as our customers are their particular requirements.
Be it the occasional user or the professional craftsman, AURO
offers all the right products for every demand. Especially
professionals and commercial customers appreciate the
economical treatment of bigger surface areas with our
„2 in 1 products“
. In one application step, a wooden floor
gets oiled and waxed. This saves time and provides highly
durable surfaces that can easily be maintained.
· Very economical
· For all wood types
· Simple application
One-off oil-wax (125)
AURO One-off oil-wax (125)
is the ideal product for the
quick craftsman. It can easily be applied to untreated or
pre-oiled wood. The subsequent polishing produces a perfect
surface in outstanding quality. The oil-wax mixture is solvent-
free, highly economical and suited for building objects. It
can also easily be used by DIY enthusiasts.
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