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Water and dirt repellent
Furthermore, wooden floors treated with AURO oils can be
refined with a wax application. The wax protects the precious
wood from strong mechanical loads. The solvent-free
Hard wax (171)
gives the wood a thin protective layer that
improves the resistance of the floor. The highly economical
balm made of linseed oil and beeswax provides the floor with
an animated high-class lustre and a pleasant touch.
Oiled and waxed wooden floors are long-lasting, natural
surfaces that can easily be cared, maintained and renovated.
Floors can be sanded down and newly oiled and waxed
several times.
Tool cleaning
When the work is done, brushes, rollers and tools
used for the application of floor products have to
be cleaned. This can be done with the
AURO Diluent (191)
It can also be used for thinning AURO PurSolid products and for
stain removal.
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