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Wooden floors
– refine and maintain
Wood is a living material which
can be seen and also becomes
impressively obvious every time
we touch it. With a natural
surface treatment, the open
pores can store air moisture and
release it into the room as
needed. Precious floor waxes
and oils from AURO are first
choice when it comes to protect-
ing wood material with a natural
product in order to keep its
beauty for a lifetime.
Solid wooden floors can also be quickly and easily cleaned.
With product compositions that have been tried and tested
for decades, your floors can be thoroughly cleaned and
maintained with purely organic and mineral essences. The
comprehensive AURO product range has cleaning, care and
maintenance components for each type of wood, for all kinds
of floorings or laying methods.
For video fans
On our YouTube channel, „AURO TV“, you will find application
videos for selected products, e.g. floor treatment with oils and
waxes from AURO’s product range:
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