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Many-coloured variety
In living areas, it is mostly white paint that is used to accen-
tuate the style of the interior decoration. In children’s rooms,
on the other hand, the variety of colours cannot be big
enough. Here, it is particularly important to use only paints
that are totally uncritical with regard to ingredients, like the
AURO Aqua Paints. They are absolutely solvent-free and thus
especially well-tolerated by man and environment. To achieve
many-coloured tables, chairs and cupboards, the base colours
can freely be mixed among each other.
A solid basis
On wood types rich in active substances, it is necessary to
use the
AURO Special primer (117)
before the paint is applied.
Other wood types should be primed with
AURO Hard primer
to give the follow-up coating perfect adhesion on
all surfaces.
Extract from the colour chart of the Aqua Paints. Full tones mixed with white.
All current colour tones on
ochre yellow english red persian red
e green black
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